When discussing a hybrid vehicle, the first thing most people think of is fuel economy. Of course, those that love driving their big super sized SUV’s usually say they don’t worry about fuel economy, they’d rather drive a big vehicle no matter what the cost. Some people obviously need a full sized sport utility or a 4 wheel drive truck for work or recreational purposes, but for those tooling around town, the fuel savings of Toyota Hybrid Vehicles really add up. Over only a short amount of time, hundreds of dollars can be saved at the pump, and by learning and mastering some of the fuel boosting tricks of Prius drivers, hundreds of dollars saved can quickly amount to thousands. Most will agree that a car that gets over 40 miles per gallon is fuel efficient. Car dealers, such as Ventura Toyota, will give figures in the 40+MPG range for the Toyota Prius, but by paying attention to the road, with careful driving almost any driver can boost the fuel economy to at least 50 miles per gallon, if not more in their Prius.

One of the main factors in increasing fuel efficiency in Oxnard Toyota shoppers is to keep the speed down. Though most enjoy a wide open highway and speeds in excess of 65-70 MPH, to boost efficiency in the Prius, it’s recommended to keep the speed to 55 MPH. When speeds go higher, fuel consumption goes up. The weather doesn’t affect most cars when going out for a drive, unless you drive a convertible with a broken top, but it does affect the Prius to some extent. Of course, it will operate in all weather, but the greatest fuel efficiency is attained when the outside temperature is a comfortable 70 degrees or more. Cooler temperatures seem to zap the fuel down at a more rapid rate.

Most Prius drivers also recommend keeping the air conditioning off or at a reasonable level, never maximum cool, to boost fuel savings. The thermostat in the air conditioning unit can be set to a pleasant temperature, a few degrees cooler than outdoors, keeping you comfortable yet not sacrificing your miles per gallon savings. Tire inflation is always a factor when considering the best fuel efficiency of the Prius. It’s suggested that the tire inflation be about 2 points above the listed PSI for maximum mileage. It’s a safe amount, yet reaps a great increase in fuel savings.

Light footed driving, gliding down hills and slopes and taking the foot of the gas to allow the electric motor to take over when possible, along with the suggestions listed above will help to increase your Prius fuel efficiency. Many owners report an increase of at least 10 miles per gallon over standard driving when implementing these tactics. No matter what, it surely can’t hurt to give it a try and most likely you will really notice the savings at the gas pump.